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Product import

Product Import

Would you like to import products from countries like China and others, but do not know the regulations?

Particularly when importing products from Asia, e.g. China, special conditions and requirements apply. We are glad to help you with all the information you need to consider when importing goods from China and other countries.

Bear in mind, only a comprehensive and adequate planning alongside the necessary knowledge can guarantee a smooth import process.

Here you will find a short summary of what aspects to take into consideration and how we can provide you with support and advice.

  • Instruction of the product import:
    During the import process, you should take particular care, especially when importing from China and be aware that non-certified products are illegal and that you as the importer are solely responsible for them. Further, you should take special notice that not all products can be imported into Germany. Therefore, to ensure a successful import, it is important to ensure that all product documentation complies with regulations. We are available to discuss and assess which regulations and restrictions must be taken into consideration.

    Furthermore, it is also important to ensure product quality, and given our experience in working with various production companies, we can guarantee you high-quality goods.

  • Fees for product importation
    When importing from China and other non-EU countries, sales tax and customs duties apply. These fees are charged on certain products and are required to be paid above a certain amount. In such cases, the import sales tax is not the same as the customs duties, as these are two different charges that must be paid over certain sums. The import turnover tax is due from an amount of 22Eur. If the value of the goods exceeds 150Eur, customs duties are also due in addition to the import turnover tax. We would be pleased to advise you on this according to your product specifications.

    Further, the customs declaration is always declared by the consignor.

    The processing of possible returns from customers should also be thought through and structured beforehand.

  • Difficulties with the import of products
    In order to avoid complications when importing products from China, we make sure that a current Chinese commercial register extract of the potential business partner is available. Thus, information such as the year of foundation, share capital, management and purpose of the company is made available to you in a transparent way.

    Furthermore, we provide useful information on potential Chinese business partners, such as telephone numbers, fax numbers and other contact details. We assure you that all companies we work with are highly regarded and accessible. For certain articles, a declaration of conformity is required, which certifies that the products comply with the applicable regulations. This declaration of conformity can be issued by you or you can have it certified by the TÜV. The products must then be marked with the CE mark and bear the address of the person responsible for the import from China to the EU. In case of doubt, customs may block the import of the goods and demand that they are tested.

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