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Frequently asked Questions

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Our large network of production companies makes it possible for you to receive comprehensive offers after 7 to 12 working days. However, you can receive a quicker response for an additional price.
Our experts are in direct contact with the factories, with no “middlemen” involved in the process. They receive samples for the products and packaging. We also provide good payment conditions so that, for example, you only have to pay part of the invoice after you have received your goods. All of our businesses have been successful so far. You also have the possibility to visit the factory on-site.
Our experts ensure that the factories have carried out a transparent working policy in the past and whether there are any ethical concerns regarding work exploitation, such as child labor. We have an internal audit catalogue against which factories are checked, measured and compared. These factories usually have US or EU certificates, such as CE or FDA, which provide partial legal assurance.
Can long-term relationships with the factory partner also be established? All our production partners are interested in both short-term and long-term partnerships. Short-term arrangements have the advantage of payment terms being arranged on short notice.
The import/export processes differ depending on the country, thus we work according to speed and cost efficiency. The import can be done by train/truck, ship or aircraft.
During such procedures there can be economic or political setbacks (e.g, coronavirus pandemic, wars, environmental disasters). We are ready to advise you about such circumstances if needed and we are able to insure your goods.
Liability relies on the basis of the signed contract.
Customs regulations vary according to the type of product and country of export. Overall, there are many differences between importing from EU and non-EU countries.
We cooperate with all shipping services, such as DHL and FedEx.
For particularly large deliveries that need to be moved quickly, we work with private companies that have specialized transport methods and facilities.