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The main concept behind this project:

Are you interested in purchasing products from China, India or Poland, but you’re missing the contacts?

Hire one of our experts to find the best factories according to your production needs at the best prices and conditions.
For the last 8 years, we have built a broad network in large industrial regions over several production-focused countries. We have since supported companies in importing goods from China, India and Poland. With a proven successful record in product and factory search, we have an extensive range of local contacts in regions such as Guangzhou or Yiwu.

We also have a high-quality network of key players in the logistics sector. This allows us to move goods quickly and efficiently from A to B within several countries at a low cost.

In the past, we have not only helped companies find products or production facilities in India, China or Poland, but we have also helped to establish long-term relationships and even made it possible for some producers to open their own factories! Our experts are experienced managers, who have already been successful in these countries’ production sites, and are ready to support you with in-depth knowledge during the entire planning and implementation of your desired project!

Custom Clearence

Custom Clearence

Customs procedures can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Currently, the following applies:
The movement of goods within the EU is basically free.

All goods imported by the EU from outside must be cleared through customs.

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Product Import

Product import

Would you like to import products from countries like China and others, but do not know the regulations? In particular, when importing products from Asia, e.g. China, special conditions and requirements apply. We are glad to help you with all the information you need to consider when importing goods from China and other countries.

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We are also glad to support you in the implementation and simplification of logistics. International agencies will organise the transport of your imported goods to Germany. We will provide you with helpful insights to ensure the importation process from China or other countries to Germany is as straightforward as possible.

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Factory Sourcing

Factory Search

For the perfect marketing of your products, we look for the appropriate partners in each country. The search for suitable factories for your product is one of our core competencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our large network of production companies makes it possible for you to receive comprehensive offers after 7 to 12 working days. However, you can receive a quicker response for an additional price.

Our experts are in direct contact with the factories, with no “middlemen” involved in the process. They receive samples for the products and packaging. We also provide good payment conditions so that, for example, you only have to pay part of the invoice after you have received your goods. All of our businesses have been successful so far. You also have the possibility to visit the factory on-site.

Our experts ensure that the factories have carried out a transparent working policy in the past and whether there are any ethical concerns regarding work exploitation, such as child labor. We have an internal audit catalogue against which factories are checked, measured and compared. These factories usually have US or EU certificates, such as CE or FDA, which provide partial legal assurance.